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TSG builds upon the latest methodologies being employed by consumer research firms for testing products and advertising. We begin by recruiting a jury panel ranging from 100 to 500 mock jurors who agree to hear your case. Panelists are provided with detailed facts and evidence from your case in either written or video form.

After hearing all the evidence the panel answers a battery of carefully
crafted questions that not only accurately measure overall perceptions of your case, but also quantify jury opinions about each individual element and piece of evidence. Because we are presenting your case to hundreds of jurors the results are statistically valid and free from the dangers of focus groups where one vocal participant can sway the ultimate results.

Click here for the various ways attorneys can use this research.

TSG realizes that time is critical as you near trial. Most projects are
completed in 7 to 10 days measured from first phone call until we
provide you with the final report of your test. Rush deliveries are available, sometimes in a little as 72 hours when you really need an answer fast.

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