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Question: Are trial surveys better than focus groups?

Answer: Given the nature of our work you will probably be surprised that the answer is NO; surveys are not better than focus groups. Surveys and focus groups are designed to provide completely different types of information. Focus groups should be used to identify and expand upon possible case strategies. Surveys are used to forecast and predict the outcomes of those strategies. This is why Fortune 500 companies use focus to help develop new product features, but turn to surveys measure opinions and forecast sales. Click here for a more detailed explanation of the differences between trial surveys and focus groups.

Question: Can I select jury panelists who live in a certain city or venue?

Answer: Yes, you can choose panelists who live in an area as narrow as an individual trial venue, or as broad as a state. TSG will work with you to select the appropriate jury panel parameters for your case.

Question: Will the jury panelists provide narrative comments in addition answering “check the box” questions?

Answer: Surveys may include as many “open-ended” questions as you like that ask jurors to provide short answers or narratives. These narratives provide color and context to the numerous “closed-end” questions. For example, the closed-end questions may tell you that one piece of evidence is twice as effective as another piece of evidence, whereas the narrative will tell you why and what you can do to capitalize on this fact.

Question: Since the panelists are answering online, how can you be sure that they pay attention to all the case details?

Answer: TSG uses a number of safeguards that are unique in online research to ensure that survey panelists are paying close attention to all the facts and providing well thought out answers in response. Just a few of the safeguards that TSG can provide include:

  • Measuring the length of time panelists spend answering questions and disqualify anyone who completes the survey in less time than someone who is paying close attention to the facts should be able to finish. 
  • Including “integrity” questions that catch panelists that provide conflicting or unrealistic responses.
  • Embed codes within video evidence that panelists must identify to ensure that all videos are watched closely to the end.
  • Analyzing narrative responses for relevance, thoughtfulness, completeness, and removing any panelists who did not appear to fully understand the issues at hand.
  • Recruiting only those panelists who have a proven track record of answering other traditional surveys.

Question: Do you provide any safeguards to protect the confidentiality of the materials presented to panelists?

Answer: Multiple safeguards can be applied to protect the confidentiality of your information. First, every TSG survey employs SSL encryption to make sure that the transmission of your data is secure. Additional levels of security are possible for ultra sensitive materials. Please contact TSG if you have special security needs.

Question: How much time us needed to turn around a study?

Answer: Most studies will be delivered within five days. Rush orders are possible shortening delivery to 48 hours or less.

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