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A standard survey package costs only $3,500 and includes everything from initial consultation, program design, panel recruitment, and final analysis and report. The standard package includes presenting your case to 100 mock jurors. The following lists a few factors and options that may increase the price:

  • Number of Completed Surveys: TSG pays panelists to listen to the evidence, render a verdict, and answer questions about your case. The standard package covers the cost to present your case to 100 mock jurors. However, we provide the option to present your case to more jurors. The exact cost per completed survey beyond 100 varies depending on the complexity of your case. For planning purposes you should expect to pay between $15 and $20 for each additional jury panelist beyond 100.
  • Location of panelists: The standard package assumes we will draw panelists from a major metropolitan market such as Los Angeles or Chicago. As you move to smaller towns it takes more effort to recruit qualified panelists, which in turn may raise the cost. Recruitment costs also increase in a major city if you require TSG to pull panelists from one specific venue within that city. In either scenario the increased costs are manageable and we will work with you to come up with the most cost effective research plan.
  • Video: The standard package assumes that you will provide the facts of your case through written descriptions and pictures without video. This is sufficient for most programs. However, if you want jurors to evaluate live testimony we can add a video to the presentation for $750. This fee covers any video up to 10 minutes in length delivered to us in a wide variety of acceptable formats. We can even help you edit your videos; call us to learn more about our fees for editing services or to discuss the different ways you can use video to enhance your survey.
  • Survey Complexity: The standard package assumes a description of your case and questionnaire that a jury panelist can complete in 15 or 20 minutes. Surveys that are especially long or complicated may require an additional fee. Once again the costs are manageable and we will work with you to come up with the most cost effective research plan.
  • Depth of Analysis: The standard package includes both an easy to read summary of the results and a one-on-one session to discuss how we believe you can incorporate the results into your trial strategy. For a small additional fee we can provide a detailed written report that provides our independent assessment of every detail of the findings, and can make ourselves available to work with you and your staff throughout the litigation process.

Another way the cost may go up is if you want to test multiple theories of your case. For example, you might want half the jurors to hear the case without providing evidence of your client’s preexisting condition, and the other half to hear all the facts (the difference in damage awards between the two versions quantifies the impact of the preexisting condition). Conducting a “split jury” test requires additional consultation and programming time.

Click here to download a report that shows how we used this “split jury” technique to precisely determine how the amount of visible property damage in an auto accident impacts damage awards.  

Just call us to discuss your complex case and we will work with you to find the best solution that keeps your costs low while still providing the level of detail you need to plan your strategy.


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